Chicken Nugget (2024)

Chicken Nugget (2024)

Other name: 닭강정 炸雞塊 炸鸡块 Dakgangjeong Dalggangjeong Dak Gang Jeong Fried Chicken Chicken Gangjeong Sweet and Sour Chicken Nugget de pollo Острая и сладкая курочка قطعة دجاج مقلية


It tells the strange story of how a beautiful young girl, Choi Min Ah, turns into fried chicken because she happens to enter a mysterious machine. It follows Choi Sun Man, her father, and Go Baek Jung, an intern, who join efforts to turn her back to human and discover deep dark secrets in the process.(Source: from the webtoon of the same name by Park Ji Dok (박지독).

Country: Korean

Status: upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Comedy Fantasy Investigation Mystery Sci-fi Thriller Transmigration Web Series Webtoon

Cast: Kim Yoo Jeong (1999), Ryoo Seung Ryong (1970), Kim Nam Hee (1986), Ahn Jae Hong (1986), Yang Hyeon Min (1981), Jeong Ho Yeon (1994), Lee Ha Nee (1982), Lee Jae Woong (1975)

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