Chief Detective 1958 (2024)

Chief Detective 1958 (2024)

Other name: 수사반장 1958 수사반장: 더 비기닝 수사반장 1963 搜查班長1958 Susabanjang 1958 Chief Investigator 1963 Chief Inspector: The Beginning Chief of Investigation Chief Investigator Chief Inspector 1963 Chief of Investigation 1963 Дорама Главный инспектор 1963 Главный инспектор 1958 Главный инспектор 1963 رئيس التحقيق 1958


The drama will follow the story of Park Young Han, a passionate detective who boasts the highest arrest rate when it comes to petty thieves, as he teams up with three charismatic colleagues to break the norms of corruption.(Source: Soompi)

Country: Korean

Status: upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Action Detective Drama Investigation Mystery

Cast: Lee Soon Jae (1934), Yoo Dong Geun (1956), Lee Je Hoon (1984), Park Geun Hyeong (1940), Choi Deok Moon (1970), Choi Bool Am (1940), Yoo Hae Jin (1970), Lee Dong Hwi (1985), Seo Eun Soo (1994), Kim Min Jae (1979), Ko Seo Hee (1977), Choi Woo Seong (1997), Kim Min Ahn (1998), Yoon Hyeon Soo (1999), Jeong Soo Bin (1998)

Chief Detective 1958 (2024) trailer:
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