Messo mo Nai (2024)

Messo mo Nai (2024)

Other name: 滅相も無い Messou mo Nai


7 huge holes suddenly appear in locations around Japan. The holes appear in random places like in the sky, in the middle of a road, in a field, or in the middle of the city. Citizens are confused about the holes, and different investigations are carried out about the holes, but the true nature of the holes remains known. As time goes by, people begin to live with these holes. Many people go into the holes, but nobody has returned from the holes.Then, a man named Ozawa appears who worships the holes as a god. He insists that salvation can be found in the hole. Eight people who are followers of Ozawa gather at a resort facility. The eight people are Kawabata, Sugaya, Matsuoka, Aoyama, Watanabe, Shingo, Iguchi, and Okamoto. Following Ozawa's rule, they must talk about why they want to go and record themselves before they enter the hole.(Source: AsianWiki)

Country: Japanese

Status: ongoing

Released: 2024

Genre: Drama

Cast: Kubota Masataka (1988), Furutachi Kanji (1968), Tsutsumi Shinichi (1964), Nakajima Tomoko (1971 Jun), Sometani Shota (1992), Nakagawa Taishi (1998), Kamishiraishi Moka (2000), Morita Kokoro (2000), Hirahara Tetsu (1978)

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